7 Best Frameworks & Libraries for Cross-Platform Android and iOS Apps in 2023

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Programmers skilled in Flutter and other cross-platform mobile app development frameworks are in high demand in 2023. This makes perfect sense, as no developer wants to have to write two versions of their program for Android and iOS. However, we need frameworks and libraries for development as well.

What is a cross-platform application?

Applications developed in Flutter and React Native, eliminate this issue by letting you write a single set of code that works across Android and iOS devices while maintaining a native-looking user interface is called a cross-platform application. You will learn that Flutter and React Native are the most popular cross-platform mobile app development frameworks, but that they are not the only ones.

What is mobile app development?

The term mobile application development refers to the processes and procedures that go into creating software for portable, small-screen computers like smartphones and tablets.

In the same way that web app development stems from desktop app development, mobile app development stems from desktop app development. However, mobile apps are often tailored to the specifications of a single mobile device. Any number of apps can benefit from hardware capabilities; for instance, a game app could use the iPhone’s accelerometer, while a mobile health app could make use of the smartwatch’s temperature sensor.

Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android are currently the two most popular mobile operating systems. Apple’s phones and tablets already have all the essential software installed, such as a web browser and access to the Apple App Store. The Google Play Store on Android devices allows you to download and install a plethora of additional apps that are functionally identical to those preinstalled.

What are the 7 frameworks and libraries for creating native Mobile apps?

The list of frameworks and libraries is as follows:-

  1. Flutter
    This framework is ideal for creating native mobile apps that can run on a variety of different platforms. Flutter, like Golang, TensorFlow, and Angular, comes from Google. It is based on Dart (another Google programming language) and offers a software development kit (SDK) for creating native mobile apps that run on multiple platforms.

    Having to distribute your software on many platforms like Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile has always been difficult because each platform has its own coding. Flutter is a solution to this issue because it can be used to build apps for both iOS and Android from a single source. A lot of progress has been made in the last two years, making Flutter the most popular framework for creating native mobile apps.

2. React Native
If you’re interested in building native cross-platform mobile apps, React Native is another option in addition to Flutter. It creates native mobile applications with the help of React and JavaScript.

If you’re a web developer with experience with frameworks like JavaScript and React, this is the best option for you to transition into the mobile app development industry. If you’re in such a group, you should definitely study React Native in 2023.

  1. Cordova
    Nitobi also developed the mobile application development framework Apache Cordova. After acquiring Nitobi in 2011, Adobe Systems rebranded it as PhoneGap and made an open-source version of it available under the name Apache Cordova. One of the hottest technologies to master in 2023, it enables cross-platform programming using HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript.
  2. Xamarin
    To create cross-platform mobile apps rapidly, Xamarin allows developers to work from a single, shared C# codebase rather than having to create separate UIs for each platform individually.Document templates for creating a unified user interface that may be used in multiple contexts.

    For mobile app development, its popularity among C, C++, and C# programmers has skyrocketed since Microsoft acquired the framework.

5. Firebase
While Firebase is not a true cross-platform framework for mobile app development, it is a powerful backend framework. Indeed, Google’s mobile platform is everything you need to develop high-quality mobile apps and expand your business swiftly. Whether you’re developing for Android or iOS, Firebase is a viable option for your app’s backend. In 2023, it will be increasingly important to master Firebase if you want to break into the lucrative field of mobile app development; Advanced iOS with Firebase: Rideshare is a great place to start.

  1. Native Script
    If you’re searching for an alternative to React Native or Flutter and haven’t had much luck so far, you might want to give Native Script a try. If you want to build a mobile app for either the iOS or Android platform, NativeScript is a free and open-source framework you may use.

    With Angular and Vue.js, as well as TypeScript and JavaScript, you can create native mobile applications. Front-end developers with experience with other frameworks, such as Angular or Vue.js, may find that Native Script meets their needs.

    You may write your code in any language that translates into JavaScript, such as TypeScript or CoffeeScript, and NativeScript has excellent Angular and Vue.js support.

7. Ionic
This is another JavaScript-based framework for creating hybrid mobile apps. Building cross-platform mobile apps is also possible with Ionic, allowing you to create an app for every platform with only one set of code.

The free and open-source Ionic Framework provides a lightweight user interface toolkit for creating native iOS, Android, and web apps with a unified codebase. In addition, it offers a version called Ionic React, which makes use of React to create hybrid mobile apps.

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